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UC Browser Apk: Whenever you browse the Internet, you need a gateway. That gateway is normally called the web browser. Browsers are what connect our devices to the Internet. It is what has led to the current age of information. Now, irrespective of whichever browser you use, there is always some room for improvement. Today, we shall discuss the UC Browser Apk (and how you can download it), which is by far one of the best-known web browsers. It is available for almost all devices which you use and will support Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. It will also run on your Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

Why Download UC Browser Apk

In case you missed it, the UC Browser has a lot of great features which have made it so popular that almost 500 million downloads have been completed. It stands to reason that almost all of the users have been using this browser over the other (arguably more well-known browsers) due to the fact that it has a lot of great features. On this page, we host the latest and the most secure version of the UC browser Apk for PC as well as for other devices. Scroll down as we decode the UC browser’s features.

  • UC Browser utilizes cloud acceleration and data compression technology. This essentially means that the browser itself acts as a proxy. This, in turn, means that the UC Browser’s servers will compress the data of the web pages that you are accessing. What it does is to ensure that it helps in loading pages faster and better.
  • UC Browser is adaptable to the same network environments that you have been using before you start using the browser. It also helps in multi-file format downloading. Downloading is easier with the UC browser and it will also help in segregating which downloads go where.
  • UC Browser Apk latest version is an HTML5 web app and boasts of cloud syncing features.
  • Use the browser for better and faster usage as it provides a smoother user experience. This aids in helping even the most inexperienced of users to use the browser.
  • UC Browser is data saving. This means that when using the browser on a mobile device, you can use it to save data on your mobile Internet package. Ideal for those consecutive days of browsing when you do not have access to Internet package top-ups.
UC Browser Apk free

Download UC Browser Free Apk for Android

  • A special Facebook Mode sets the UC Browser apart. This mode is optimized for using the ever-growing Internet social networking giant. This mode will not only help you reach the farthest reaches of the social network but will also help you in ensuring that the data savings mode is used to the fullest extent (only if you’ve installed UC Browser Apk on your Smartphone). To that end, it must be mentioned that not all browsers support the mode. Regardless of the nature of the network which you are using, it will optimize the Facebook user experience.
  • Night Mode is another feature which is present on the UC Browser. Night Mode is useful for using the browser in a dark environment. It lowers the brightness levels and is useful to help ensure that the battery levels on your device are maintained.
  • UC Browser Apk is ad-free, which makes for a much better user experience. This also helps save your mobile data pack.
  • Pop-out video allows videos on a page to play in a separate tab
  • Optimized for mobile device use. This helps in ensuring that the web pages are loaded all at once. No corners are cut and no elements are left out when loading on a smaller device.
  • Smarter Downloading. In case you opt for UC Browser Apk download, you can restart the downloading process even if it has been interrupted once (or twice). To help you appreciate it even more, trying downloading bigger files once in a while.
  • The newest version of the UC Browser Apk file, which is hosted right here for you, has the capability of running at great speed even if you have 20 tabs open simultaneously.
  • The search feature and the user interface of the latest version of the browser have also been simplified greatly. This will aid in ensuring that anyone can use the browser with great comfort.
  • You can now control videos with gestures. This means that the settings like the volume, brightness, and progress- all can now be controlled simply via gestures. This feature is ideal for better mobile device usage.
  • The new and improved Incognito mode, which has been greatly popularized by Google’s Chrome, is now featured prominently and in a better avatar. It never tracks the websites which you are using and will not reveal the cookies which have been stored on your device. Also, it will have a better masking ability.
  • Regular updates are provided for the UC Browser Apk for PC and for Android. This helps you in ensuring that all the features of the browser are updated regularly.

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Download UC Browser Apk Latest Version (100% Working)

Name: UC Browser

Developer: UCWeb Inc.


Date Last Updated: 18-09-2017

Targeted Operating System: Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, and above

File Size: 17.29MB

License: Free of cost

Languages Supported: English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese, and Russian.


  • Page settings have become far more concise.
  • More stable surfing
  • Better stability in using heavier pages
  • Decreased file size
  • Incognito Mode is now improved.

Download the Latest UC Browser Apk file here.

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uc browser apk old version

UC Browser Apk Download

How to Download UC Browser Apk for Android OS

The process of downloading the latest UC Browser Apk free version is simple. Follow the steps we have mentioned below.

  • Download the latest Apk version of the UC Browser that we have hosted on this page.
  • On your device, go to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Security’ and then finally turn on ‘Unknown Sources.’ This is important as you are downloading an Apk file from a third-party site.
  • Go to the file manager or to the downloads folder where the Apk file is stored. Double tap to begin the installation.
  • Once installation finishes, reboot the device and you are good to go.

Wrap up

UC Browser Apk is, by far, the easiest to install and the smoothest to use. It also helps that the HTML5 architecture is generally considered more stable and safer than many conventional builds. Remember to download the UC Browser latest Apk from our site. Since the Apk is updated often, be sure to bookmark this page for more timely updated. Till next time, happy surfing!

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