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Shadow Fight 3 APK
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Shadow Fight 3 APK Download: Shadow Fight is one of the most popular and high adrenaline mobile games that we have ever come across. Introduced by the Russian game development studio and company Nekki, Shadow Fight 2 has enjoyed incredible popularity since it was launched back in 2013. Available on both Android and iOS platform, the title was later rolled out for Windows 8 and 8.1. Next, in the line, the Shadow Fight 3 is yet to launch, but the developers have said that they are currently working on it. The second installment of the game – the Shadow Fight 3 – will be set several years after the events of Fight 2. In this post, we’ll be digging in what to expect from the upcoming title, the characters, world, and release of the beta version as well as when and how can you download the Shadow Fight 3 Apk file.

Shadow Fight 3 APK

Shadow Fight 3 Apk Free Download Guide

Shadow Fight 3 Features: What’s New?

Nekki has already confirmed that the next title will be set several years following the Shadow Fight 2. The title comes with an expansive feature list; we are mentioning the most significant features of Shadow Fight 3 below:

  • There are three playable factions – Legion, Dynasty, & Heralds. We will be elaborating on this later.
  • Of the several new features, one major change that Shadow Fight 3 is about to bring is the jump from 2D to 3D.
  • Get your hands on tons of collectibles; players will be allowed to earn abilities, techniques, equipment along with boost packs. These packs can be divided into four kinds: rare, common, epic and legendary.
  • Besides, having to complete several quest and daily mission, the Shadow Fight 3 will have an ‘online mode’ on offer. So players have both the ability to embark on the main storyline as well as explore limited quests.

Shadow Fight 3: What We Know So Far?

In the new world of Shadow Fight 3, everything is overrun with Shadow Energy. There are two characters – the protagonist and the enemy – both of whom have abilities to switch between normal and their shadow forms. This goes to say that all characters will be able to use shadow abilities. Players will even come across characters from the previous game.

When the Shadow Fight 3 apk rolls out, you can create your own playable character from scratch. Players will be able to choose your name and preferred gender. You will also have the option to choose one from the three playable factions that come with their own set of skills and power.

Download Shadow Fight 3 Apk


It’s a military faction that aims at eliminating Shadow Energy and prevents its reemergence. There is one stern group that works on decline and authority. They don’t explain themselves; they show no weakness and never apologize for their deeds. The goal is simple; every Legionaries live to become the greatest warrior in the history. Regardless of the risks, they incur while going into battle, the number of volunteers to join the group never declines.


Another set of impressive Shadow Fight 3 APK features is the playable faction called Dynasty. The place is full of warriors who live to fight their way through the world. It’s a crowded place, and the capital is full of combat art schools. The Dynasty Warriors come with lightweight weapons, and their preferred style of fighting is to elegantly overpower your opponent and strike the blow swiftly. In the capital of Dynasty, there is an annual combat tournament where various schools take part. It’s a blend of various teaching and numerous schools of combat. The winner of the event gets to become extremely popular and live under the benevolence of the head of the Empire.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the Dynasty and Legion don’t see eye to eye in the Shadow Fight 3 game. The huge popularity of the Dynasty has helped them stack loads of Shadow Energy which made the two fractions fell out with each other.

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The Heralds, on the other hand, is mysterious and we don’t really know what motives they have. The only thing that we know about them for sure is that they are knowledgeable folks who know a lot of things about Shadow Energy and Shadow-based technologies. The Heralds are dark and brooding. The commoners don’t like it, but the ruling family members seem to have turned a blind eye to their existence in their capital. So they are free to move around, but the good thing about the Heralds is that they don’t go into battle unless provoked. Therefore, you’ll only find a Herald unsheathing blade in self-defense. They move with a calculated method that is often quick and deadly.

Shadow Fight 3 Release Date

The incredibly popular role-playing fighting game was launched back in 2013 followed by a worldwide release on both Android and iOS in 2014 and a year later on the Windows platform. With this hit title, Nekki has managed to garner some 170 million downloads across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, and Steam.

Earlier rumors suggested that the Shadow Fight 3 would roll out in the latter half of 2016. Now the title is expected to release in 2017 and is also slated to come to Xbox One.

Shadow Fight 3 Trailer

Nekki has dropped in both full-length cinematic trailer and a teaser trailer for Shadow Fight 3. Brace yourself warriors and check out the teaser below:

The teaser, as the name goes teases with fantastic sweeping graphics and perfect music score. Want more? Check out the official Shadow Fight 3 trailer. [But a fair warning beforehand; don’t get as worked up as we did after watching the trailer because so far Nekki hasn’t officially announced a Shadow Fight 3 release date]

Shadow Fight 3 Beta

The beta version of Shadow Fight 3 is available for you to download and play. Before we get to the heart of things, here are the details of the version (Shadow Fight 3 Apk Latest) that you should know of:

Version: 1.0.3915

File Size: 31.81 MB

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

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Download Shadow Fight 3 Beta on Android (Free of Cost)

The beta version of Shadow Fight 3 is currently only available for Android smartphone. Because you’ll be downloading the beta from our page and not Google Play Store, you will need to prepare your handset. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to Setting>Security> then turn on ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Download the Shadow Fight 3 APK Beta from the link we have provided.
  • Afterward, go to the Download/APK folder and tap on the apk file and follow the security instructions. The instructions are pretty easy to follow so the installation should not be much of a headache.

[Note: We keep updating the apk download links you find on this page. So if you are willing to check out the next few beta versions, we recommend you bookmark this page.]

Shadow Fight 3 apk Download

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk

Several websites over the internet seem to be offering the mod apk, but in fact, Shadow Fight 3 mod apk is not available right now. In an attempt to provide our reader a fair warning, we must let you know that most of the mod Apks offered on other sites are virus infected so save yourself warriors and have the patience for the full version to roll out.

Wrap Up

Since the beta version is already available, we are hoping for the announcement of the Shadow Fight 3 release date soon (probably later this year). Until then, watch the trailer on loop and download the beta version of Shadow Fight 3 apk into your smartphone. Also, bookmark this page and visit us once a while. You don’t want to be the last person to know when the Shadow Fight 3 rolls out, do you?

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