Pokemon GO APK Download Guide for Android and iOS Devices

Pokemon GO APK
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Pokemon GO APK: In 2016, Niantic introduced what happened to be one of the most revolutionary mobile games of this generation. While Pokemon games have been in existence over the last decade or so, what was new about Pokemon Go app was that it blended the amazing elements of Augmented Reality with a franchise that has not waned in popularity in the slightest bit. So with this new game, users were able to go out into the real world and find the virtual Pokemon with the aim to catch them, train them, and take them to battle. In this post, we will talk about alternative methods to download Pokemon GO APK for Android, along with several tips and tricks to make the experience more enriching.

Pokemon GO APK

Download Pokemon GO Apk for Android

But first, let us take a look at why one would want to download it from other sources, such as this page, when it is available in official app stores.

Pokemon GO APK Download: Why Choose an Alternative Method

Pokemon Go game

As with all of the games associated with the Pokemon company, the Pokemon GO game is also available for free download on the Google Play Store. So in this case, why should you bother to resort to installing it from other sources? The reasons are many, we assure you.

  • First off, ever since its release, developers Niantic have been faced with a lot of problems with releasing the game in a lot of regions. The reasons are mostly due to, but not limited to, the factor of providing a detailed access of the road maps of the region. Many countries are yet to grant the necessary permissions to Google Maps because of security factors. Besides that, some countries have accused the game of being insensitive towards their religious and cultural beliefs. This has been one of the primary reasons why the game has not yet been released in many areas, even after one full year of its initial release. Needless to say, interested gamers will not be able to find the game on the Google Play Store in these areas. But with the Pokemon GO APK file, they can play the game without any restrictions.
  • Secondly, even if you are able to download the game from the Google Play Store in your country, you will find that future updates make their way through to the App Store much later than when they become available. This is not an issue with an apk file, as you will be able to find only the latest versions on this page, ahead of the Play Store.
  • Finally, Pokemon GO download is much more convenient with the apk method owing to its size, which is much reduced when compared to its Play Store counterpart. So all in all, it makes more sense to use this Pokemon Go hack and simply use the file we have provided, rather than only being privy to the ones that Google brings to you.

Now that you know why you would benefit with the Pokemon GO apk latest version that we have provided here, know the steps needed to download it. In case you want to explore more, you may check out our tried and tested guide to download Mini Militia Mod Apk.

Download Pokemon GO APK for Android

pokemon go apk download free android

For Pokemon GO apk or Pokemon Go mod apk download for Android, you need to properly set up your device and follow the steps below. These methods also call for a manual installation process unlike what you may be used to. But there is no need for worries, as we have broken down the methods with a step by step guide to ensure success. Read on.

Step 1: Before downloading, go to the Settings menu of your Android smartphone or tablet. Enter Security, and then find the option called Unknown Sources. Check this option to enable.

Step 2: Next, open this page on your device browser and follow the direct link to download Pokemon GO APK latest version given here. The file will be downloaded on your device.

Step 3: After the download is successful, you will need to find the file on your device and enter it.

(Note: During Step 2, you may choose to select a download location where it will be easy to find. Alternatively, you may use your device’s File Manager app to find it.)

 Step 4: After entering the file, you will see the option to install appear as a button. Click on it to grant the file the necessary permissions.

Step 5: After installation is complete, you may start using the app as normal. We recommend that you restart your device before proceeding.

This concludes the procedure for Pokemon GO Apk download free for Android. Now we will take a look at the requirements that should be made before downloading.

Pokemon GO APK for Android System Requirements

If you are curious to know whether the steps provided above will be compatible with your device, check the file requirements below.

Pokemon GO apk latest version (v0.67.2)

  • Last updated on: June 2017
  • Storage required: 96.84 MB
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 at the minimum (Target Android 6.0)

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Pokemon GO Cheats and Hacks

Niantic’s game has definitely taken the world by storm since it landed on mobiles in 2016, but it has often been criticized for being ridiculously hard. Finding hidden Pokemon, especially, gets tiresome, and hatching eggs and collecting items to help one proceed are even more so. This is why many third party apps have come up with their own support services for the game, which, when utilized, will help make the players’ progress much easier. These Pokemon GO hacks vary from notifying you about where exactly you can find Pokemon (even rare ones) within the game, let you hatch eggs without having to walk around for miles, collect more coins, and best of all, manipulate your phone’s GPS into making the game think that you are walking around, even as you are really just lazing around at your place.

These Pokemon GO cheats, although useful for a time, do come with consequences. Niantic has taken stern actions against these developers and even penalized the players using them by making only very common Pokemon available to them. So we advise you to use these with caution.

Wrap Up

With or without hacks, the Pokemon GO game has to be one of the best games to have ever been rolled out, and its success is sheer evidence of the fact. And we do concede that while the Pokemon GO hacks may make your journey easier, they literally go against the very grain of the game’s motives- that is- to get you up and running. Whether you want to use these or not, we hope that our guide to download Pokemon GO APK for Android has proved useful for you. And if you enjoy the game and find the methods convenient, don’t be shy from recommending us to your friends. We will be back with a host of other apps that are difficult to find, so be sure to come back.

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