How to Download Mini Militia Mod APK on Any Devices

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Mini Militia Mod APK Download: Want to experience an intense game combat on your own but one that will be able to make room for more players when they come over to your place to hang out? Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a 2D shooter game for both single and multi player. Developed by Appsomniacs LLC, Mini Militia was launched back in 2011 for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app from Google Play Store (for Android users) or from iTunes (for Apple device). But in this post, we are providing a guide on how to download Mini Militia Mod Apk for anyone who can’t access from the official sources.

Mini Militia Mod Apk

Mini Militia Mod Apk Download

Mini Militia Game Features: What’s in it For You?

Before we download Mini Militia Mod APK, there are things to discuss. The video game is one of best mobile games that we have comes across and to be honest, the title has a number of features that we ought to talk about. If you are not sure whether it is your cup of tea, here are the features of the Mini Militia game that may convince you:

  • The video game is one of the most intense and satisfying multiplayer combat that we have come across. There can be 6 players participating online or 12 players using the local Wi-Fi.
  • There are three very exciting modes including offline training, Co-op as well as Survival modes. And users are allowed to choose between a wide variety of weapon types that include shotguns, snipers, flame thrower among others.
  • When it comes to the mechanics of playing the mini militia game, there are several interesting things that grabbed our attention including the dual stick shooting controls, heavy duty weapons that look futuristic and fun.
  • These are the features you get to access when you will download Mini Militia APK but if you go for a Mini Militia pro version (for that you need to download mini militia pro pack apk), you’ll be granted more access to weapons, and things like avatar customization, dual wielding ability, among other things.

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Mini Militia Mod APK Download Latest Version (V3.0)

The Mini Militia Apk latest version has taken care of some of the glitches of application, just look at the notes below:

Mini Militia Mod apk Latest Version: V3.0 (August 2017)

Supported OS: Android 3.0 and up

Last updated: June 22, 2017

Notes: Freezing of the Mini Militia 2017 game has been taken care of.

Mini Militia Apk Mod for Android & iOS (Official Method)

The application is officially available in Google Play Store and therefore first we are telling you about how to download Mini Militia mod apk on any Android devices whatsoever. Here it goes:

1. Open the Android handset and launch Google Play Store. Type ‘Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia’ on the search bar and the game should appear on the top of the search result.

2. Tap on it and you should be able to see an Install button on the right-hand side. Hit that and a pop up would ask for permission which you will need to agree to.

3. After the application is installed, you will need to restart your Android handset.

Mini Militia Apk

Now that the Mini Militia for Android is done with, we might as well tell you how to get Mini Militia for iOS.

1# Open up your phone and launch iTunes. On the search option type in ‘Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia – Online Multiplayer By Chad Towns.’

2# You should be able to find the gaming app. Download and install by agreeing to the places you need to agree.

3# And lastly, just as with Android handsets, you will need to restart your iOS enabled device.

Mini Militia for iOS

Like we said before, Appsomniacs’ Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is officially available for both Android and iOS enabled devices but for anyone who can’t access Google Play Store or want the APK file for the benefits it brings, like smaller file size, faster updates among other things. Using this new method, you can download Mini Militia APK. Here we go:

Download Mini Militia Mod Apk via Third Party Websites

1# You will get the Mini Militia apk from this page but your Android handset is likely to prevent the app from installing on your device. You need to prepare your smartphone. Go to Setting, then Security and there you will need to turn on “Unknown Resources”.

2# Now that you have made your Android handset ready, download Mini Militia Mod APK by hitting the link below.

3# After you are done with the downloading of the file, go to the folder where the file is stored. Or you can just pull down the notification bar and tap on the apk file. It’ll ask for permission to install. Go ahead and agree to everything and initiate the installation process.

4# Just as we instructed above, you should restart your handset after you install Mini Militia APK.

mini militia mod apk unlimited health

Download Mini Militia for Windows PC

For anyone wanting to play the Mini Militia game on their Windows PC, there’s a hack. And don’t worry it’s not too difficult to pull off. Just follow the steps that we list out carefully.

i. You will need an Android emulator so that the APK file thinks that it’s working on an Android platform and not on a Windows one. So get an Android emulator. There are tons of free ones available. Go for Nox App Player because it’s excellent. Download and install it.

ii. Now download  Mini Militia Mod APK file from this page.

iii. This shouldn’t take much time; afterward, you need to open the Nox emulator and find the button that says Add Apk on its task bar. Click on it and upload Mini Militia Apk onto the emulator.

You should be able to use Mini Militia for PC now.

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Wrap Up

That said, this is all that we know about Mini Militia game. You can give the game a try if you haven’t already, and because it’s already available on Google Play Store, it’s easier for many to get their hands on it. If you found the guide to download Mini Militia Mod Apk (Latest Version) useful then do us a favor and share it with your friends.

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